Maverick Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker Review

The Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker is a high-quality kitchen appliance that can cook up to seven eggs at once or poach up to four eggs at once.

This makes it a great egg cooker for a small family. It also comes with an alert that lets you know when cooking has ended and your eggs are ready. This appliance makes great hard-boiled eggs that are delicious and super easy to peel. The majority of the parts on this egg cooker are also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

Filling it up properly with water is also easy because it has water measuring indicators that let you know exactly how much to fill up depending on who you want your eggs cooked. For example, hard-boiled eggs require one level of water while poached eggs require another.

Turn on the egg cooker by pressing the button on the front and you’ll see the light turn on. Water will begin to boil and cook your eggs to whatever preference you want.

The egg cooker then beeps when your eggs are done. And by beep, I mean that in chirps just like a chicken. Get it? The chicken chirps when your eggs are done! It’s pretty clever!

It only takes a few minutes for eggs to cook, which means that breakfast will be ready super fast every day.

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  1. Hard Boil or Poach your Eggs – This egg cooker will hard boil, soft boil, medium boil, or even poach your eggs.
  2. Cooking and poaching tray– The cooking tray holds up to 7 eggs and the poaching one holds up to 4.
  3. Piercer– The Piercer allows you to safely puncture the shell and therefore the shell won’t crack open while cooking.


  • Cool looking kitchen appliance
  • Makes up to 7 eggs at the same time
  • Make hard, medium, or soft eggs
  • Makes 4 poached eggs at a time
  • Includes hen lid, egg cooking rack, base/heating plate, and poaching tray
  • Buzzer alert lets you know when it’s done


  • Easy to overfill which means it’ll leak or make your eggs wrong


Q. Why does it leak so often?

A. This egg cooker tends to leak if it’s not filled very accurately.


Q.  Is this egg cooker BPA free?

A.  No, this egg cooker is not BPA free.


Q. Why does the water at the bottom get so dirty?

A. The water at the bottom of your Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker is probably dirty because you have hard water and therefore are leaving mineral deposits at the bottom.


Q.  What happens if I forget to turn it off?

A.  Then it’ll stay on forever. This egg cooker does NOT have an automatic shutoff.

In conclusion

This is a truly unique best egg cooker in the sense that it’s designed in a completely different way!

This Henrietta Hen Egg Cooker is a high quality kitchen appliance that can poach up to 4 eggs and hard boil up to 7. Its eggs are delicious and made fast.

Best of all, the hen will chirp at you when it’s done!

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