KRUPS Egg Cooker Review

If you’re looking for one of the best egg cookers on the market, you may have just found it.

The KRUPS Egg Cooker model F2307051 is a top of the line kitchen appliance from the KRUPS company.

This egg cooker cooks up to seven eggs at the same time to your desired doneness. For example, do you want hard boiled eggs? If you’re tired of them then you can switch soft boiled or even poached.

  • Makes up to 7 eggs at the same time
  • Dimensions – 6.4 x 7.7 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight – 1.14 pounds
  • 2-year warranty

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  1. Cooks up to seven eggs 
    1. Cooking up to seven eggs means that you’ll have an instant family breakfast whenever you need it.
  2. Poaching trays
    1. It comes with two inserts for poaching eggs.
  3. Water level indicator
    1. Allows you to accurately measure how much water you need for the types of eggs that you want to cook.
  4. Keep Warm
    1. The keep warm features means that once your eggs are done cooking, the egg cooker stops cooking them and instead keeps them warm without overcooking.
  5. Automatic Timer
    1. The automatic timer alerts you when your eggs are done cooking.
  6. Egg Piercer
    1. The egg piercer that comes with the egg cooker will puncture your eggs perfectly.


  • Capacity for seven eggs
  • Super easy cleanup
  • Keep warm feature
  • Audible alert


  • Audible alert doesn’t turn off by itself
  • Measuring cup lines aren’t easy to read and can be confusing

KRUPS Overview

KRUPS is a company that’s well known for making high quality kitchen appliances, and this egg cooker is no different.

This best egg cooker has a unique design that is stylish while compact, ensuring that it can fit the decor and kitchen countertop of any kitchen.

It’s a compact egg cooker which means it’s easy to move around and even store in a kitchen cabinet if you need to.

This appliance comes in three distinct pieces. The tray, base, and lid.

The heating element is inside the base and is what actually cooks your eggs while your eggs are in the egg tray.

A unique feature of this egg cooker is the handle that is on its side. This is there because it allows you to quickly pick up the lid in order to then remove eggs from the egg cooker.

This egg cooker also has a water measuring cup and the egg puncture device.

It’s kind of weird to have to puncture an egg before cooking it, but if you don’t do it, the egg will crack and make a mess while you’re cooking it.

Still, yes, it’s weird, but it works!

The measuring cup has lines on the side of the cup that will help you determine how much water you need to add to the egg cooker.

Different water levels are important because that’s what determines how your eggs are cooked. Meaning that a certain water level will give you hard boiled eggs and another will give you soft boiled eggs, get it?


Q. Does this KRUPS Egg Cooker turn off automatically?

A. Unfortunately no. This egg cooker does not have an auto shutoff.


Q. Do hard boiled eggs peel easy with this egg cooker?

A. Yes, they peel super easy. Especially if you run cold water over them when you take them out.


Q. Is the plastic BPA free?

A. Yes! The plastic in this egg cooker is BPA free.


Q. How do you know when the eggs are done?

A. When your eggs are done, you’ll hear a loud buzzing alert.


Q. Is this dishwasher safe?

A. Only the top part of the egg cooker is dishwasher safe .

In Conclusion

Do you eat eggs on a regular basis? If so, then you’ll probably gain a lot from owning an egg cooker, specifically, this KRUPS Egg Cooker.

This KRUPS Egg Cooker makes it easy to cook delicious eggs really fast and with minimal clean up.

Don’t waste your time heating up an enormous pot of boiling water just to hard boil a few eggs.

Pop them in this egg cooker and in just a few minutes, they’ll be ready for you!

The KRUPS egg cooker comes with an instructional manual that is simple and easy to follow, it has easy to use controls, an audible alert to to let you know when it’s done, and a keep warm feature to stop your eggs from overcooking.

You can’t go wrong!

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