Will your eggs float in water?

The water float test is a way that you can test whether your eggs are fresh or whether they need to be thrown away. The action in question is, do good eggs float or sink?. If you’ve been wondering about this test, then you’ll get the answer today!

Let’s say that you’ve allowed some eggs to expire. It’s always a shame to throw away food that may be perfectly fine, right?

However, just because the best by date has past on the egg carton, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw them away!

Before you just toss these eggs in the trash or put them in your best egg cooker, there’s a way to make sure that the eggs are fine.

The sell by or best by date isn’t exactly like an expiration date. And even if the egg carton does have an expiration date, it doesn’t automatically mean that one day those eggs are good and the next day they’re bad.

Eggs are different than other foods. Think of the shell as special packaging that makes it difficult to know whether or not they’ve gone bad. In other words, you can’t just smell them and find out.

So if you can’t smell them and you can’t eat them without knowing, then how can you know whether your eggs are still good or whether they’re bad? That’s where the egg float test comes into play.

This egg float test is known by cooks and kitchen pros all over the world.

All you need is a glass of water or a bowl of water and your eggs. Pretty simple.

Sink or Swim

The egg float test states that the fresher an egg is, the more likely it is to sink right to the bottom.

Fill up your cup or bowl with water and gently place your egg in the water. If your egg sinks then it’s still fresh and can be eaten.

However, if your egg floats right to the top, then you need to throw it away or use it as compost.

Anything in the middle and you could eat it, but maybe shouldn’t.

The easier it floats, then worse it is. The easier it sinks, the fresher it is.

This is why. The shell of an egg allows air to go through it in very small quantities. If there’s a lot of air it in, it means the egg is old, it also means that the egg can float (because of the air).

Will a bad egg sink or swim? The answer is that because of the excess air in an older egg, a bad egg will swim to the top and a fresh egg will sink!

The bottom line is that fresh eggs will sink and bad eggs will float!

We hope you enjoyed this article here at Kitchenista. Have you ever tried the water egg float test? Let us know in the comments below!

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