How to clean an Electric Egg Cooker

TLDR – How to clean an egg cooker

  1. As always, make sure the appliance is off
  2. Remove whatever is removable and clean the separate
  3. Use a cloth to wipe the inside and outside of the egg cooker
  4. Allow it to dry

Although they used to get a bad rap, eggs have now been recognized as the superfood that they truly are.

Eggs are incredible in the sense that they’re a great source of protein, healthy fats. Eggs are eaten in all sorts of dishes and in all cultures.

No matter where you may be at in the world, chances are that they eat eggs!

Eggs can also be eaten in a variety of different ways. They can be hard-boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, poached, made into an omelet, or even eat raw!

The best egg cookers also come in a variety of appliances. Some of them do all of the above, while others specialize in one of the above.

Egg cookers come in such variety that there are some who have the capacity to just hard-boil one egg, while others can hard boil seven or even 12 eggs at the same time.

Cleaning Your Egg Cooker

Cleaning your egg cooker can be done in just a few easy steps.

This is important because any leftover food or gunk (that’s a scientific term) can alter the taste of your eggs or even hard your egg cooker.

First thing’s first, look at your egg cooker’s instruction manual before doing anything. Chances are that there are detailed instructions for how to clean it and maybe even a warning or two!

I would recommend that you don’t proceed without taking a look at it.

Another thing you can do is to visit the appliance’s website and see if it’s available online, it probably is.

Ok, let’s get started!

1. Turn off and unplug your appliance

This is step one with any kitchen appliance. You never want to take apart or clean something that is plugged in and you definitely don’t want to do it if it’s still on.

The only exception to this is your refrigerator.

2. Never use water, unless you can

Some parts of your egg cooker may be dishwasher safe. For those parts, you definitely want to pull them out and run them in the dishwasher.

However, for the rest of it, and assuming that your egg cooker is electric, then you definitely don’t want to do that.

It’s also a good reminder that even if something can go in the dishwasher, it doesn’t have to. You can always hand wash it. Also, if you do choose to put a part of it in the dishwasher, be sure to put it on the top rack.

3. Use a microfiber cloth to clean it

Using a moist microfiber cloth to clean your egg cooker is the way to go here. This will ensure that you protect your appliance and don’t unnecessarily scratch it with something harsher.

4. Let it dry

This should be it. Allow your egg cooker to dry completely before putting away and definitely before using it again.

Why a Microfiber Cloth?

Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning surfaces that don’t have a lot of food residue but still require some gentle cleaning.

A regular cotton kitchen towel may just spread the residue and actually make things worse.

Therefore, if you have a kitchen appliance that’s delicate and doesn’t get too filthy, then a microfiber cloth is a great tool to clean it.

In conclusion

An egg cooker can be a great addition to your kitchen. They’re easy to use, help you make nutritious meals, and are inexpensive.

They’re also super easy to clean!

Like any kitchen appliance, proper maintenance and care will ensure that your egg cooker works well for years to come.

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